Interview with the founders of Nifty Gateway and NFT and Hip-Hop Artist ARTZ.

Since its launch in 2020, Nifty Gateway has made a mark as an NFT marketplace. Focusing on highly promoted drops often featuring popular brands and notable people, the marketplace has grown to take its place among the top 10 marketplaces.

Nifty Gateway recently announced that they are opening their curated platform to NFTs that do not originate on the platform but are “Nifty verified.” One of the Co-Founders, Griffin Foster, recently posted a statement on Medium that reads in part:

“Our community is everything to us, and over the past few months, we’ve heard your requests — for us to…

Interview with Ja Rule on music, crypto, and the opportunities for artists created by NFTs.

If you’ve spent any time on Discord, Twitter, or Telegram watching a hot NFT project interacting with its audience, it’s clear to see that NFTs haven’t just brought self-expression to the crypto world — they’ve brought hype that we haven’t seen since ICOs and a party atmosphere fueled by prizes, gains, and gamification.

Of course, what’s a party without music? Perhaps that’s why so many artists are joining the fray with their own projects.

OneOf, an NFT platform specifically for music fans and artists, has teamed with iHeartMedia to create the Official Collectible NFT for the 2021 iHeartradio Music Festival.

Brinc and Animoca Brands are working together to offer a program that advances the state of NFTs.

2021 is the year NFTs took over the world — or at least the collective imagination of investors.

August has been another record-breaking month for NFT sales. On August 18, NFT sales hit a record-breaking $897 million from the past 30-days according to NonFungible.

The Launchpad Luna accelerator will identify and foster NFT innovation in the fields of culture, art, entertainment, media, gaming, streaming, collectibles, insurance, finance, and data management; DeFi and additional verticals will be added in the future.

Just one doom-scroll through Twitter will show you that anyone who can get involved — as a platform or as…

OpenSea grew over 500% and Co-Founders Devin Fizner and Alex Atallah speak to how they are scaling for success.

At the start of the year, it would have been reasonable to think of 2021 as the year of Bitcoin, and the mainstreaming of crypto overall. It may be the year for mainstreaming, but NFTs have become a force of their own competing with the world’s most famous cryptocurrency in terms of awareness and in the imagination of investors.

It’s easy to see the desire for self-expression, and to cash in on any notable name or property, just by doom scrolling Twitter where dropping your NFTs seems to be the new “hello world”.

However, the enthusiasm is accompanied by explosive…

Combining NFTs, DeFi rewards, and gamification with a new project in NFT comics and collectibles.

Would you pay $720 for a comic book? We remember being outraged when comics on the rack moved up from $.75 to $1.25, but one can’t turn back time and your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the $720 comic book (the cost of 0.2 ETH in May) has passed. Now if you want issue #1 of PUNKS: “The Hunt for the Lost Robbies” you will be spending roughly $10,000 in ETH on the secondary market.

Punks Comic is brought to us by Pixel Vault. It’s a fully realized indie comic drawn by Chris Wahl, a Sydney-based…

Artwork by Pierre Bourque

Interview with Fine Art NFT artist and founder of Blockchain Radio, Pierre Bourque.

NFT Artist Pierre Bourque is a man of diverse interests.

We know Bourque as really one of the more convivial people in blockchain media. He is the founder of Blockchain Radio, a 24x7 internet radio station with blockchain and crypto programming. Blockchain radio is a solid, respectable outlet with a steady stream of audio crypto content. It has been in operation for about 4 years and offers a lineup of 12 shows including, “In Conversation With…”, hosted by Pierre.

The last time we were on Bourque’s show is a memorial to how much I needed to back up from my…

Interviews with one of the co-founders of Rarible on the future of their platforms and the NFT space.

Whether you personally like NFTs or not — as art, collectibles, or just an efficient way to keep records — it looks as though they are here to

According to DappRadar, Trading volumes of top NFT collections such as Axie Infinity, CryptoPunks, and ArtBlocks have increased by more than 300% over the past month, and the NFT industry had a record-breaking July, exceeding $1.2 billion in total sales.

Morning just wouldn’t be morning if we didn’t wake up, make some coffee, and read about all the new NFT drops that are sent as announcements in our inbox. …

Interviewing influencers and project leaders on the complicated world of promoting crypto.

It’s a good week for mainstreaming — two big tech ad platforms, Google and Facebook, have finally, albeit, grudgingly accepted that maybe not every cryptocurrency-related project is inherently criminal. Well done, big tech.

Google recently announced it is updating its “Financial products and services policy to… allow the advertisement of cryptocurrency-related business and services.” Starting August 3, advertisers for exchanges and wallets in the U.S. have been allowed to advertise with Google ads provided they are registered entities, and they pass the Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Wallets certification with Google. …

The “Wolf of Wall Street” and blockchain leaders interviewed about crypto investment and tokenized assets as a nascent market.

This past week it has looked like Summer 2021 is brightening a little for Bitcoin holders. According to Bloomberg data, Bitcoin has risen around 17% this week so far over $40,000 on Thursday, after positive comments from Elon Musk and rumours that Amazon may take crypto payments.

Analysts from Kraken exchange have described this as being a possible turning point to bring Bitcoin back into its upward trend and reach possible new heights.

A few days ago we caught up with…

The BWTT conference is back for its 5th year and bigger than ever — with the goal of empowering women entrepreneurs in tech and closing the gap in funding.

The 5th annual Black Women Talk Tech (BWTT) Roadmap to Billions 2021 conference is “designed for (women like) you, by women like you.”

In a tech industry traditionally dominated by men — at the product and coding level and among founders and leadership — BWTT is helping to balance the inequity in funding and basic encouragement to create opportunities for brilliant minds in tech no matter who they are. To that end, this year’s conference will host a national pitch competition with $50,000 worth of cash and prizes.

The conference has grown quite a bit this year, with speakers for…

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