Girlfrens NFT Project: Cancer Survivor Gives Back to the Community

Justin Roberti
7 min readDec 13, 2021

Speaking with co-founder & artist for Girlfrens, a Solana NFT project Raising Money to Bring Art Supplies to cancer patients

NFTs are proving a cultural nexus where the collective yearning for ownership, community, prosperity, and a better life and even as the market contracts, new, creative projects join the fray to raise funds and connect with an audience through NFT art and collectibles.

The trickle of creative energy into the NFT space is more like a firehose, as our inbox can attest first-hand, but I think it’s a fair time to address the possibility of using NFTs to make raise money for something other than personal gain — a bit of a departure for NFT bros trolling Discord looking for the next 10x projects.

We recently spoke with Desiree, aka “dzikt”, is a digital artist and film producer based in Toronto who recently co-founded a women-led and “charity-based” NFT project, Girlfrens.

Desiree had an early experience with cancer, at just age 29, and the creative power of her experiences and her art is poured into using NFTs as a way to raise funds for the newly founded Girlfrens Foundation which will provide art supplies for young people afflicted with cancer.

The project launched in September 2021, but the minting and sale begins on November 24 at 3 PM EST with the minting link available on their website and Twitter.

Desiree took the time to speak with us as co-founder and artist of Girlfrens to tell us about her journey and experience in launching the charity NFT project.

Desiree, aka “dzikt”

Tell me about your journey — how long ago was your diagnosis? Has the path to recovery accompanied your creative journey?

“I found a lump in Dec 2019. I was diagnosed in February 2020. It came as a big shock as I was 29, had no family history, no genetic markers (determined after testing) and I lived a healthy lifestyle. After a…



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