Interview with a Sneaky Vampire Syndicate

Justin Roberti
8 min readOct 16, 2021

Discussing staking, blood, and bats with the world’s most chilling NFT project.

Halloween is frightfully close at hand, and in a year already punctuated by masking, unmasking, and a sense of existential dread, it seems particularly appropriate to catch up with the most popular undead-related generative NFT project, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate (SVS), which officially launched less than a month ago on September 13, 2021.

Vampires are of course one of the most popular recurring characters (or monsters) in English literature, and since additions to the lore made in Brahm Stoker’s classic book “Dracula,” the creatures have gained a reputation for style. Perhaps an ideal basis for an NFT art and collectibles project — a coalition of “8,888 Sneaky Vampires living their best life in the Syndicate.”

In a recent survey conducted by Yahoo Finance, 500 NFT analysts were asked to rate NFT projects by uniqueness, virality, media presence, possible increase in value, and execution and SVS ranked #5 out of 100 projects rated.

According to SVS, their current traded volume is 17,100 ETH (~$64,000,000) as of October 14, 2021, and there are 4,900 holders of the ghoulish revenants.

Blood, bats, and champagne…

SVS is intent on the continual expansion of its shadowy world. Every vampire needs a bat (the creatures of the night, what music they make) so they launched a line of Bat companion NFTs airdropped to SVS holders.

And of course, any Vampire ecosystem runs on BLOOD. So, SVS recently introduced a blood utility token. The team is clear that BLOOD is a utility token and not a financial instrument, but staking (pun intended?) is already available. Users can stake Vampires or bats to receive BLOOD tokens.

Balancing utility with earthly delights, the team recently announced on Twitter they have partnered with the vintners of Goût de Diamants, “the world’s most expensive champagne brand” which will be purchasable with BLOOD tokens. A taste of real-world utility for the new BLOOD…



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