Interview with CEO Unique Network NFT Platform

Justin Roberti
5 min readOct 19, 2021

The multi-chain path to empowered NFT creators.

It’s 2021, and NFTs are the new hype in the blockchain sphere.

It’s clear that keen interest and growing investments in NFT art and collectibles have created a gold rush movement.

This movement brings in not only more creators but a greater number of NFT marketplaces and platforms for creating NFTs.

During any gold rush, one can dig for gold or start to sell shovels.

But a multi-chain approach to NFTs — one that frees creators from reliance on Ethereum with their prohibitively high Eth and Gas fees — is a matter of necessity for driving future growth.

Matters of interoperability and “breaking out of the Ethereum NFT bubble” were very much on the minds of Unique Network founders.

On the Unique Network blog, Alex Mitrovich, Unique Network CEO wrote:

“The current standards for NFTs — built primarily on Ethereum — are constrained by an extremely limited feature set, an inherent lack of scalability, and slow network speeds. As more and more people create NFTs (and buy them), it’s essential to improve stability and sustainability on the blockchain so that the future of NFTs is healthy.”

Unique Network fills the void for developers and supporters of the Polkadot and Kusama chains — with a “scalable blockchain solution that supports composable NFTs with advanced economies” according to their site.

We interviewed Alex Mitrovich, on the state of NFTs and how his project is addressing future needs for scalability and interoperability.

Alex Mitrovich, Unique Network CEO

What is your point of insight into the blockchain space?

Specifically, I am an entrepreneur in the tech space and have been so for the past 20 years. I understand tech without being a developer. I understand the opportunities.

What do you see as the potential of Polkadot for NFTs?

Justin Roberti

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