The Living Dead Gives Rise to NFTs

Justin Roberti
10 min readOct 31, 2021

An interview with George C. Romero on his new NFT motion comic film, The Rise.

On October 31st, there will be two important holidays for fans of blockchain and NFTs — the lucky 13th anniversary of the Bitcoin Whitepaper and Halloween. The whitepaper marks the start of a revolution in finance and a boom in blockchain development that led to NFTs. Halloween is a frightful chance for the cavalcade of creative NFT projects to make new drops with orange-bedazzled and candy-corn flavored NFTs.

After all, NFTs are the new source of creative expression for the blockchain world. They may as well get to dress up for the holiday.

For example, Uncanny Apes: Ghosts and Ghouls Halloween Edition just dropped a limited release of 665 NFTs of these uncanny primates. The generative project has 102 possible traits in six different categories (backgrounds, ghost or ghoul head, facial expressions, hat or hair, eyewear, mouth/nose props). The project said 50% of their total profits on the first release will be donated to the Save The Children Foundation, a UK-based charity that supports health, education, and disaster relief.

Stacks Art has added 4 Halloween-inspired Funky Donuts, the only spooky donuts out of their giant box of 3,000 NFTs. At the time of writing 1,200 of the NFT series have been “baked” (minted).

Cumrocket is offering a few Halloween NFTs for their newly launched 18+ NFT marketplace. “Just when you thought the porn industry couldn’t get any freakier, CumRocket is hitting the scene,” says company Founder/CEO Lydia Lane.

Spoiler Alert: their Halloween NFTs involve some revealing Halloween costumes.

Traps, Schematics, and Keys — Saw NFTs

If you’re looking for something a little scarier, some creative projects have put real chilling creativity into their drops.

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