ThoughtSlime on Why All NFTs are a Scam

Justin Roberti
9 min readDec 13, 2021
Bobby Duke is another character by ThoughtSlime (not for sale as an NFT.)

Interview with satirist, comedian, writer, and political commentator, Mildred “Thought Slime” on their scathing critique of NFTs as another way to exploit creators.

Mildred “Thought Slime” is a political and social commentator and comedian and one of my favorite creators on YouTube. They have a penchant for punching up hard at established political, justice, and financial systems and I’ve always admired how hard they can take down an idea while being hilarious.

Now they have come for NFTs — specifically with a video titled The Grift Economy: Why Everything is a Scam, Always.

In this video, Mildred offers an exclusive line of joke NFTs. Each one is guaranteed to not really be minted as an NFT but are available for easy download by anyone from Imgur. You can pay $500 on Patreon and Mildred will create another horrible and distasteful original drawing for you. They promise that these will not increase in value and call it a scam that is “definitely not worth it” but they have sold 2 already.

I’m not sure if the new owners of these horrible Slimeys intend to mint them as NFTs but I’m sure Mildred hopes that they won’t.

Here is my interview with Mildred on how NFTs have an impact not often talked about in blockchain-friendly spaces — and one that is potentially exploitative of the creator.

Gooble-Gobble is ThoughtSlime’s personal Slimey and is not for sale (but can be downloaded at will).

Mildred, aka ThoughtSlime

So, you posted a joke NFT of a Slimey JPG — is this technically a run of 1/.of 1. Is Gooble-Gobble a unique NFT? How many signature Slimeys are you releasing? Are you going to mint Gooble-Gobble as an NFT?

“They are pointedly NOT NFTs. There is no blockchain esoterica going on, I simply post JPGs into an imgur folder. When someone buys one, they retain exclusive rights to it in some abstract metaphysical sense, but it goes in the folder like all the others. I expressly do not give my permission for anyone to download them without purchase, but of course…



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