Alternative networks offer additional Security, Speed, & Scalability, but can they challenge Ethereum’s primacy in DeFi?

Mark Cuban

The celebrity investor said Ethereum is “most like money” and believes in the power of NFTs and smart contracts.

La La Anthony. (Photo credit: Tomas Herold)

The celebrity actor believes in investing in Bitcoin as a way to build intergenerational wealth — and expects it to go $100k+ in 2021.

Cover image: Mad Cans — part of Series 1 by Greg Mike

Interviews with Greg Mike, Hackatao, Pierre Bourque, and NEO 10Y

Bitcoin believers may have new reason to rejoice following the stimulus checks, but Ethereum has use cases on its side.

As a U.S House Committee scrutinizes crypto, experts warn greater regulation and transparency are needed for mainstream acceptance.

Women leading in blockchain believe gender diversity isn’t just a matter of what is right for humanity, but also what is right for business.

Justin Roberti

Justin has written and done PR for over 20 years — gaming, media, tech, fintech, & web culture. PR Director with Twitter: @sensible

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